Saturday, 24 May 2014

Afternoon! Apologies for the lack of blogging over the past month and a half. I felt I didn't have much to share lately, however, lots of things have changed since the previous post. Another birthday has come and gone and I can no longer say I am 21 and in case anyone was wondering I am now out of my back brace and able to walk about on my own! I am still off work for the moment and I can't dance or do anything that includes too much movement but I am on the road to recovery. I have also recently taken a Nail Professional course with CND and absolutely loved it! I am now qualified in Manicure, Pedicure, Vinylux and Shellac and I am looking to start my own little business as a Beauty Therapist. So be aware, I will be posting many of my new nail art creations or pictures of any new beauty treatments I have tried! 

Since I am on my road to recovery I feel like I am able to finally start my year off! I will 'begin' it with Mexico! I may not be able to do much but I plan on making it my best holiday yet, even if it means just lying in the sun drinking cocktails with my beautiful boyfriend! Then I am continuing my training and getting myself back into work. I have decided (which happens every couple of months when I rethink what I'm doing with my life) that now is the time to live life to the full! I have been unfortunate in the past few years where I have been involved in two accidents of neither were my fault and fortunate enough to be given the chance to be compensated for them. I am using this money to build myself a life and a business, something I would never have been able to do without the extra money and I am very thankful for that. These next few years are for myself and my partner and then when the time is right we will be able to start a family! 

Has anyone done the course with CND and has some pointers, or has been to Mexico and can give me some ideas as to where to go?

L x

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