Monday, 31 March 2014

MAC Make Up.

I decided I would try some MAC Make Up and I would share it with you as this was my first time trying MAC and I had heard raving reviews and wanted to let you know truthfully my first thoughts (if you wish to hear them). I bought 5 different items which equaled £100 - that equals about £20 an item - good for a large company like MAC.  I spoke to the MAC Make Up artist before I bought any as I had to buy online and wasn't sure what colour to get. These were the colours they advised. 

Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30

 I was advised to use this on the parts of my skin which were the most red. I worked as soon as I put it on and liked how it looked on my skin. It was light enough that it didn't feel I had to cake it on. 

Mineralize Concealer

This one is pretty small with a very fine brush but I liked it like this. I got a colour a tad darker than the foundation I got as it was below my eyes and I like using darker foundation under the eyes. You need the tiniest bit of this to do, which I liked. 

Mineralize Foundation SPF 15

 This was the most expensive item I bought and the Make Up Aritist I spoke to advised it was light enough for my dry skin but still covered any blemishes. I like this foundation as it does exactly as she said it would. It is very light and I don't feel like I need to use tons to cover my face. I worry it may run out quickly though as there doesn't seem to be much in it. You get a make up sponge with it, however, I prefer using a make up brush. (I use a cheap one I got in Watt Brothers).

Powder Blush

 This is lighter than the usual colour I got for in a blusher and I doesn't make me look like my cheeks are bright red. I really like this blusher as I prefer a powder blush and I don't need a lot to make a statement. 

Sheen Supreme Lipstick
Blossom Culture.

This is my absolute favourite item. I never used to wear lipstick but started recently but always felt my lips were too thin for it. When I put this lipstick on I felt it completely changed the look of my lips. The colour, as you can see, is very light but still enough to show a beautiful colour and unlike other lipsticks I have used (Rimmel or Maybeline) it gave a gorgeous shine too! I have used this lipstick every day since I bought it and the tube makes it so compact I just shove it in my bag and I always van always have it with me. It lasts longer than any I have tried and doesn't wash me out either. 

I use these 5 items every day I wear my make up (I place the lipstick on just around the house!) I can't say anything on how long they will last, but it does make me feel a lot better about myself when I have these items on and I felt they lasted through the day. These all suit my skin tone which is quite pale and I have very dry skin which isn't set off by these. 

If you have any questions let me know! I think I may be purchasing some more lipstick! 

L x

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