Saturday, 22 March 2014

Beginners Blog.

Well, here I am, I finally decided to start a blog! 

I had the decision to start a blog on Blogger or to make my own domain, however, I decided against jumping straight in at the deep end and wanted to test the waters first.. I had actually planned to start my blog right after the new year but the usual things like work and hobbies meant I didn't have much time to write or much to write about! 

Turned out that wasn't to last long! I was involved in a car crash on January 31st where I twisted and fractured my spine. I had to undergo surgery and I am now in a back brace for 12 weeks which means I am not only unable to do any of my hobbies but I'm unable to get to work either. All the things that stopped me from blogging no longer can so I couldn't put blogging off any longer..

I chose the name Oh So Ordinary because I am your very ordinary 21 year old girl. You will find thousands of blogs out there which talk about fashion or beauty and to be honest I love them all but when it comes down to it, I can't do half the stuff they do! No matter how hard I try I can never get my eye make up to look like theirs or my hair never seems to sit like it should. I can't afford all the designer purchases so I try and make do with the cheap version and kid myself that it will do just fine! Although, I haven't yet seen a blog that's just well, a blog. Not a new mummy blog or one from someone who knows what they are doing but just an ordinary girl with an ordinary job with very over the top dreams and aspirations. 

Little bit about me...

My name is Lisa and I'm 21. I work in a bank as a mortgage processor but it was certainly not what I wanted to be when I grow up! I live with my boyfriend, my cat and two degu's in a flat which I hate in Scotland. I would say I am most definitely a mummy's girl and have a big brother, a baby brother and a little sister. I love dancing and I am part of a dance group performing at gigs and we try our best to win as many trophies as we can. I play badminton every Monday night, I cannot get up before 10am for the life of me and I genuinely think I am addicted to chocolate, takeaways and fizzy juice.

How was my first time? Let me know! 

L x

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